Decade for Aozhen

Date:2020-08-15     Author:Huang wei hai


The whole world is presented on one screen. Different displays, different excitement-Aozhen Electronics.
Since 2008, Shenzhen Aozhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been taking the development of "excellent and good screens" as its mission, focusing on "manufacturing and service of intelligence commercial displays", with the vision of "continuously promoting the development of smart cities", and determined to become "China's leading commercial display manufacturer and service provider".
Products from Aozhen: double-sided advertising display, LCD advertising advertising display, smart all-in-one advertising display, LCD video wall, digital signage and other commercial display equipment, providing customers with better display effects and operating costs. Relying on fast sample preparation ability, fast delivery ability and stable product quality, various industries at home and abroad have established strategic partnerships with Aozhen, including the financial industry, education industry, media industry, transportation industry, and entertainment industry. , Catering industry and overseas well-known enterprises.
Exquisite workmanship, continuous innovation, rich experience in commercial display project operation. Aozhen is committed to making each product fully achieve the "combination of art and technology", "fashionable", "more energy-saving and environmentally friendly", and then maximize the application value of the "intelligence + commercial display" solution. To this end, Aozhen has established a top-notch scientific research and solution team. The production line ranges from sheet metal cutting and polishing, motherboard testing, shell processing, to wire connection, screen installation, and aging testing, packaging, and inspection. Every link is in order and orderly. A more complete after-sales system and a 24-hour online consulting team will provide you with considerate service. Since its establishment, Aozhen has provided customers with tens of thousands of commercial display equipment and solutions.
Great result and extraordinary, Aozhen has obtained EMC certification, LVD certification, ROHS certification, 3C certification, several advertising display patent certificates, computer software copyright, Shenzhen high-tech enterprise certificate, Shenzhen Commercial Display LCD Association Vice President Unit, CSA China's advertising equipment value list, the most growing company and other honors.
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