Double-sided advertising machine for Bank

Date:2020-08-13     Author:admin

Customer Name: ICBC
Project time: The first half of 2019
Products involved: Double-sided advertising display, LCD video wall, Touch all-in-one display
Project address: Industrial and Commercial Bank of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
Customer demand:
The banking comprehensive solution of intelligence, with features such as intelligence, humanization and diversification, aims to provide users with safer and more convenient financial services.
Implementation plan:
The double-sided advertising display is deployed in the window position, which can be showed facing inside and outside, and display the bank's promotional information to users.
The LCD video wall is deployed in the bank lobby, and the super large screen is used to display the bank's business information or other important information.
The touch all-in-one display is used to realize the process, self-service, and intelligence of some simple businesses.

The following is the scene rendering: