After-sales principle from Aozhen:
    Limitation: After sending the goods, one year free warranty and lifetime maintenance (the advertising machine exceeds the warranty period, the manufacturer will provide lifetime maintenance, and charge for the accessories that need repair).
However, failures caused by non-Aozhen products' own quality, such as improper operation by the customer or deliberate or fault of a third party, are not covered by the free warranty. Specifically:
1. Free warranty service
    Starting from the date of sale marked on the manifest, we will implement a free warranty according to the standard of after-sales service commitments if the LCD advertising machine fails due to the quality of the LCD advertising machine within the specified time period.
2. Preferential paid service
    The following cases belong to the scope of paid maintenance services:
    A. Equipment purchased and assembled through informal channels beyond the warranty period;
    B. The equipment is damaged after improper use by the user, self-disassembly, modification, or repair by not authorized from Aozhen Electronics Co., Ltd.;
    C. Unexpected factors, human behavior and external forces (including operating errors, handling, bumps, input inappropriate voltage, etc.) caused by non-Ovibration cause damage to the display surface such as scratches, breaks, bumps, tube neck breaks, CRT MASK deformation, etc. ;
    D. Damage caused by products (such as damage caused by transportation, etc.);
    E. The user alters the warranty card, purchase voucher or the barcode of the display by himself, deliberately deceived;
    F. Display damage caused by natural disasters (such as force majeure, earthquakes, fires, floods, lightning strikes, etc.) (except legally);
    G. Put forward other special requirements besides repairing the original fault.
3. Implementation of the service
    1. When the equipment fails, the customer can directly communicate with the manufacturer’s after-sales personnel to find the source of the fault and repair it; otherwise, the machine will be sent back to the Aozhen factory and will be completed within 7 working days.
    2. For different markets, different customers, and different industries, provide customers with door-to-door services selectively.
    3. Collection of relevant fees: freight for returning and replacing the malfunctioning display (individual payment method)
4. Transportation costs
    1. If the customer sends the goods to Aozhen, Aozhen shall bear the freight; when Aozhen sends the goods to the customer, the customer shall bear the freight.